Dear guests

We would like to inform you about the new rules we have to take in order to keep our personnel and guests safe in Fantasy hotel because of higher violence due to Corona virus

  • 1. We have to keep distances between tables and chairs 1,5m and 0,70 cm all around the hotel ( that means less chairs and tables available ) guests will be not allowed to move them
  • 2. We have to keep distances between sunbeds minimum 2m and guests will be not allowed to remove them. ( that means less sun beds )
  • 3. Steam cleaner, chlorine and disinfection liquid will be used to clean all the public areas including restaurant and reception.
  • 4. Ice cream will be served by big pool bar only! ( by launch 13.00 – 15.00 and dinner 19.00-21.00 )
  • 5. Will be recommended to the guests to stay in the restaurant max 14 minutes!
  • 6. We will recommend to the guests to use only their room toilet
  • 7. Rooms will be cleaned by chamber mate once per week ( or after guests request )
  • 8. No mini bus service because of corona virus(it can 12 persons and with corona only 3)
  • 9. Check in 15.00
  • 10. Check out 11.00
  • 11. No self service will be allowed
  • 12. Buffet will be served by personnel ( 07.00-11.00 breakfast , 13.00-15.00 lunch , 19.00 – 21.00 dinner we will extent buffet hours if necessary ) outside tables around pool can be used for all the meals in order to avoid convergence
  • 13. Small pool bar will be used to offer coffee with biscuits and cakes through breakfast hours 07.00 -11.00 in order to avoid convergence in the restaurant
  • 14. Swimming hours 9.00-18.00
  • 15. Outside Check in will be available if necessary
  • 16. Room service will be available if necessary
  • 17. Guests with corona virus symptoms must stay in their room
  • 18. Disinfection gel gloves and masks will be available all around the hotel
  • 19. Pools ph. and cl will be checked 2 times per day ( every 4hours by the pools using hours )
  • 20. All of our personnel will wear masks and gloves
  • 21. A/C in the rooms will be allowed only with an open window or balcony door
  • 22. Plastic glasses around the pool
  • 23. One use plastic forks will be available for those guests want to use them
  • 24. Doctor will be available to the guests after request ( guests have to pay for the visit)
  • 25. Quarantine room will be available
  • 26. Max persons in small pool 10 – max persons in big pool 20